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The Passions – ‘Sanctuary’ US CD (Rubellan Remasters, RUBY08CD, 2019)

Thursday, November 28th, 2019

The wonderful ongoing series of releases from Rubellan Remasters continues in fine style with a long hoped for first time to CD edition of the third and final album from The Passions, ‘Sanctuary’. Truth be told, I had long given up hope of this extremely fine album by the band ever seeing light of day again – so, I was well pleased when I heard the news it was to be released at long last. And being a Rubellan Remaster, quality is a given, from the audio remastering by Scott Davies, through to the selection of tracks the release includes.

The Passions - Sanctuary CD front cover design

^ The Passions – Sanctuary CD front cover design


Danielle Dax ‘Jesus Egg That Wept’ UK Mini-Album (Awesome AOR1, 1984)

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

Regular visitors will most likely know already my fondness for that ’80s staple, the mini-album and in ‘Jesus Egg That Wept’ we have a prime example. Six new tracks (plus the addition of a track from the previous ‘Pop Eyes’ LP, for some reason) was a good introduction for me to the wonderfully unique oddities of Danielle Dax. Sleeved in an eye-catchingly odd cover, this mini-album was at a good time all round for Danielle Dax, with 1984 also seeing her brief but significant role in the film, ‘The Company of Wolves’ as well as an appearance on the primetime ‘The Tube’ TV show (performing ‘Hammerheads’).

Danielle Dax 'Jesus Egg That Wept' UK Mini-Album front cover design

^ Danielle Dax, ‘Jesus Egg That Wept’ UK Mini-Album front cover design


Dif Juz ‎– Who Says So? (Red Flame, RFM 24, 1983) UK mini-album

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Dif Juz are one of these acts who I have a few works by, but never really got to know too much about. Being on 4AD and hailing from the early 80s, they pretty much had my name written on it in their appeal, but for whatever reason they never quite got the recognition they were deserving of and that lack of profile tended to hamper my following of their work. I saw them live once, in support of the Cocteau Twins, late 1984 and they were quite something on the night. Although aware of their two earlier 4AD EP releases, the one that is the subject of this post had passed me by, so despite being a 1983 release, it was the start of 1985 before I came across it.

Dif Juz - 'Who Says So?' mini-album front cover design

^ Dif Juz - 'Who Says So?' mini-album front cover design


A Certain Ratio – ‘Waterline’ (Factory, FAC 52) UK 12″ single

Monday, September 30th, 2013

What a brilliant single this was – an absolutely killer bassline, thumping and skittering around and anchoring this along with Donald Johnson’s crisp, precise drums and percussion workout. Atop was some seriously haunted horns and tape echo/electronic manipulations, with the dual vocals of the short-lived Martha Tilson bringing an ‘almost there’ presence and (presumably) Simon Topping in vocodered form. Something of a lost gem though – it hails from the same sessions as the ‘Sextet’ album, recorded late 1981 and released early 1982, but in somewhat typical Factory fashion of the time, it did not appear on that LP. Curiously, it has proved elusive in later reissues too – it can be found on 2002’s ‘Early’ CD compilation, but oddly was neglected from the ‘Old and the New’ compilation and various re-issues of ‘Sextet’.

A Certain Ratio - 'Waterline' 12 inch single, front design

^ A Certain Ratio - 'Waterline' 12 inch single, front design


Hard Corps ‘To Breathe’ unreleased UK 7″ (Sonoscope/Polydor, HARD 2), 1985

Sunday, September 16th, 2012
Hard Corps ‘To Breathe’ UK 7″ sleeve design - front

^ Hard Corps ‘To Breathe’ UK 7″ sleeve design – front

Some while back I posted about the West German 12″ single of ‘To Breathe, with a promise to blog on the UK edition too sometime. This time round the focus is the UK 7″ single. To recap, ‘To Breathe’ (a re-re-recording of the track ‘Respirer’ which was one side of their first, self-released single along with ‘Dirty’ in 1984) should have been the second single from Hard Corps and their tenure with Polydor (via the band’s own ‘Sonoscope’ imprint), the first being ‘Je Suis Passée’, but something clearly went wrong with the band/label relationship, as the single never made it to the shops. Clearly some copies did leak out though, this UK 7″ edition amongst them. I came by it at a record fair many years back – it cost a fair bit really, but it was good to finally see a copy as up till then I had only come by a 12″ pre-release promo copy (which never came with a picture sleeve). There is also a UK 12″ of the ‘standard’ release, but I have never come across one of those on my travels as yet. (more…)