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Repost: Bauhaus – ‘Shadow of Light’ UK VHS cassette (Kace International, KIP 2 006 D, 1983)

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

Originally posted 28 October 2018, I’m re-posting this as the original has come under quite the spam attack for some odd reason…

This is the original issue of this VHS cassette that I bought when it was first released in late 1983. That year had been quite momentous for Bauhaus of course with their final album, tour and split and they had gained a level of popularity that they had been working towards for some time. As David J infamously opined in a contemporary interview, with ‘Spirit’ they had knocked on the door of recognition, with ‘Ziggy Stardust’ they decided that it was time to boot it in. There’s no doubt that part of the appeal was their visual edge and the promo videos were all part of this (even if at the time in the UK, it was never easy to actually see these with any regularity).

Bauhaus 'Shadow of Light' front cover design

^ Bauhaus ‘Shadow of Light’ front cover design


Scritti Politti – ‘Lover To Fall’ (Remix Version) French 7” single (Virgin 90233, 1985)

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Released in France only as a single, ‘Lover To Fall’ was remixed by John “Tokes” Potoker for good measure on this release. As well as this 7″ copy there is also a promo-only 12″ (and promo-only 7″ available) – all of these feature the same remix version though.

Scritti Politti - ‘Lover To Fall’ (Remix Version) French 7” single front cover

^ Scritti Politti – ‘Lover To Fall’ (Remix Version) French 7” single front cover


Tones On Tail – Burning Skies/OK, This Is The Pops versions

Sunday, April 14th, 2019

Burning Skies [12″ Version] (6’20”)

Burning Skies [7″ Edit] (4’13”)

Burning Skies [Gothic Rock compilation Edit] (5’15”)

Burning Skies [‘Something!’ promo CD ‘Single Edit’] (4’34”)

OK, This Is The Pops (7″ / 12″ version)

OK, This Is The Pops (fade-in start)

OK, This Is The Pops (‘phased’ version)

NB: All timings are approximate and intended as a guide for differentiation only

Tones On Tail - Burning Skies / OK This is The Pops 7 inch single front cover

^ Tones On Tail – Burning Skies / OK This is The Pops 7 inch single front cover

I never imagined there was going to be quite so much version craziness when I sat down to listen to these original vinyl releases and compare them against what has subsequently emerged across various compilation LPs and CDs. First off, it was a surprise to realise that the 7″ edit of ‘Burning Skies’ had never appeared on CD at any point – and in the end, no less than four different variants of ‘Burning Skies’ came to light when I dug the vinyl out for a spin. Similarly, ‘OK, This Is The Pops’ in the version as was released on vinyl back in 1983 (the versions on 7″ and 12″ are the same) hasn’t quite made it to CD unscathed either. I would love to know how these things come to be – can there be so many different tape boxes at Beggars Arkive that it is so easy to confuse? Or are these accidents that happen during remastering? (more…)