Tubeway Army – ‘Tubeway Army’ Jap mini LP sleeve (Beggars Banquet/Imperial, TECI-24259)

Musically, as well as the 12 tracks from the original ‘Tubeway Army’ album this mini LP sleeve edition CD also includes the ‘Living Ornaments 78’ live recording, so is basically just like the UK 1998 ’20th anniversary’ CD issue – however, because of the replica LO sleeve styling, the only reference to this extra live recording is to be found in the additional Japanese booklet.

\'Tubeway Army\' Japanese mini LP sleeve edition, outer cover, \'obi\' band, booklet, card and CD label

It all comes packaged in a gatefold card sleeve featuring the original 1978 ‘blue’ design. This edition also contains an additional black and white Japanese text-only info and lyric booklet (8 pages), plus an extra record company contact card and of course the outer ‘obi’ band. (It’s worth noting that each of the ‘obi’ bands are different on each release as they display the other three releases in the series on the reverse.) The label design is a red Beggars Banquet style of the period.

\'Tubeway Army\' Japanese mini LP sleeve edition, inner gatefold cover and \'obi\' band (reverse)

Obviously, it is just credited to Tubeway Army, rather than also making mention of Gary Numan (except on the credits of course), which much later pressings (I’m thinking the Fame issue vinyl LP here) did as part of the album title.

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