‘Dindisc 1980’ compilation album (Dindisc, DONE 1)

‘Dindisc 1980’ was a compilation of the acts on the Dindisc label of 1980 vintage, two tracks each from Martha and the Muffins, The Monochrome Set and Revillos, no less than three from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark plus one from Dedringer.

'Dindisc 1980' compilation album, front cover

^ ‘Dindisc 1980’ compilation album, front cover

Packaged in a customary tastefully crafted sleeve courtesy of Keith Breeden and Dindisc house-designer Peter Saville, most of the tracks appear elsewhere on previous releases but at the time the principal attraction for me was the version of ‘Electricity’ by OMitD, as this was a new, slightly extended re-recording and unavailable anywhere else. (Note: This version did finally make it on to CD with the 2003 re-issue of ‘Organisation’ (DIDCDR6) as one of the bonus tracks.) The version of ‘Messages’ is the extended version from the 10″ single, while their cover of ‘Waiting For The Man’ had only previously been on the flip-side of the same 10″ single.

'Dindisc 1980' compilation album, back cover

^ ‘Dindisc 1980’ compilation album, back cover

The album also comes complete with a free ‘Gig Game’ – a fold out sheet depicting a map of Scotland, England and Wales, complete with basic rules, spinner and a variety of snakes and ladder type situations of a gigging nature.

Record and label, front cover, game sheet in background

^ Record and label, front cover, game sheet in background

Some of the sample misfortunes include the council imposing noise restrictions in Leeds (lose 10 spaces!), thrown out by bouncers in Aberdeen and arrested for indecency just outside Newcastle! Rock ‘n’ roll, eh?!

The fold-out game sheet

^ The fold-out game sheet

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