Associates – ‘Associates’ 4 track promo CD (V2, VVR5011563P)

A four song promo CD dating from 2000, released on V2 records to promote their re-issue programme of the Associates back catalogue (‘Sulk’, ‘Fourth Drawer Down’ and ‘Double Hipness’).

^ Front cover scan of the CD View this image at a larger size

^ Front cover scan of the CD

It is curious because a couple of the mixes are not the ones present on the CD albums that this release is promoting. The tracks featured on this release include

  1. Party Fears Two (5.09)
  2. Club Country (4.09)
  3. Love Hangover (6.08)
  4. The Associate (4.59)

So, ‘Party Fears Two’ and ‘Love Hangover’ are of interest.

^ Rear cover scan of the CDView this image at a larger size

^ Rear cover scan of the CD

The version of ‘Party Fears Two’ is definitely not the album version that appears on the original vinyl album and the V2 re-issue CD of ‘Sulk’. And it is not the remixed Mark Arthurworrey version that appeared on the American/European issues of ‘Sulk’ either. No, this version is as per the original single version , but at 5.09 it is a lot longer than the original 7″ but not as long as the original 12″.

^ Scan of the CD label designView this image at a larger size

^ Scan of the CD label design

Also of interest is the version of ‘Love Hangover’ featured – is the 12″ version, whereas the 7″ mix is what appeared on the V2 re-issue of ‘Sulk’. Is this its only appearance on CD to date, I wonder? UPDATE: It is not the 12″ mix, but another variant! Please see the comments below…

^ Rear case scan showing additional promotional info stickerView this image at a larger size

^ Rear case scan showing additional promotional info sticker

2 Responses to “Associates – ‘Associates’ 4 track promo CD (V2, VVR5011563P)”

  1. Jim Donato says:

    Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. Though my Associates collection welcomes every pressing, my main thrust is unique material, and I had not seen any mention of this on the web. This one now becomes a priority.

  2. REVO says:

    Curious. I’ve listened to this disc and the “Love Hangover” track differs from what I understand as the “Love Hangover 12″ mix.” On ASC 3T “Love Hangover” is approximately 6:00 and begins with a descending drum pattern intro. On VVR5011563P there is instead approximately 13 seconds of 4/4 drumbeats and hi-hat the extend the arrangement somewhat. Par for course. It wouldn’t do to have any cuts from the Sulk era be anything but unique in each of their pressings. Also, the mastering is brickwalled. Sigh.

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