Button badge goodness: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD)

There have been some great posts over at the PostPunkMonk and The Never Ending Search for the Perfect Beat blogs recently focusing on new wave era badges. Coming somewhat late to the party but keen to get in on the act, I present here a selection of OMitD badges from my collection – thought I’d do them justice and add something of a Peter Saville / Ben Kelly vibe to the backdrops!

OMitD badge - first album 'lozenge' grid pattern in grey plastic

Probably my favourite one because it is so unusual – clearly modelled after the original limited edition first album sleeve, this is grey plastic with the the ‘lozenge’ holes. Came across it on The World’s Biggest Online Junk Cupboard – ie, eBay!

OMitD badge - first album 'lozenge' grid pattern in red

OMitD badge - first album 'lozenge' grid pattern in green

Staying with the first album theme, these numbers come in contrasting red and green prints – I wonder how many other colour combinations there might be out there, a la the first album?!

OMitD badge - first album 'lozenge' grid pattern in red again

Another favourite working that first album theme…

OMitD Joan of Arc enamel badge

Ahhh… the enamel badge… has there ever been a finer piece of pop paraphernalia to grace your lapel… A small portion of the fantastic Peter Saville designed ‘Joan of Arc’ sleeve fashioned into metal for this example.

OMitD Architecture and Morality enamel badge

Keeping with the somewhat abstract theme of the ‘Architecture and Morality’ album, this odd-shaped but beautiful enamel badge was another latter-day eBay find.

Dazzle Ships era button badge

Definite ‘Dazzle Ships’ era styling sported by this button badge…

OMD 'Crush'-era tour badge pack

And to finish off this selection, a ‘Crush’ era tour badge pack – this was bought for me by a friend who was fortunate enough to see them then, alas they never toured near me at that time so this was a small but perfectly formed souvenir. I should point out that the enamel badge pictured in this set (ie, the one nearest the bottom) wasn’t part of the badge pack, it was on sale separately.

2 Replies to “Button badge goodness: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD)”

  1. Wow..a wonderful and highly enviable collection you’ve got there. I think I had an “Electricity” cover-stled one i think. Must check out.

  2. Yes! Keep the love for badges moving forward! It’s not hard with your usual great photography. These OMD gems are quite stellar. The A+M T-square is a conceptually brilliant enamel design.

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