Steve Strange, 1959-2015

For some reason, I’ve never posted anything about Visage on this blog, despite having a fair few of their records. The return of the band in recent years has been a most welcome surprise, with a strong album that tapped into the original style of the band and a string of fine singles (and accompanying remixes, the latter something of a rarity). This on top of their classic era material, particularly the first two albums. So, it is with sadness that I have just read about the passing of Steve Strange. RIP, Steve.

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  1. I will send you a holy relic Visage Small Object of Desire. Please PM me with your mailing details if we’ve not previously communicated directly. Personally bummed out about this. The band at least went out in a blaze of glory that put most to shame.

  2. admin says:

    Aloha, dear Monk… I made my original post at the end of a very, very long, very, very stressful work day when the first thing I read was the passing of someone whose contribution not only to music but the cultural landscape as a whole was all too often reduced to, at best, the lowest common demominator of some poseur by the media and below-the-line trolls. And I had never thought to acknowledge that on this blog, shame on me, despite consuming every single from ‘Hearts and Knives’ with glee, each of which musically and visually acted as a paean to a long gone era of quality. But I felt it important to post something, however basic that might be, to communicate what had happened. Reading your post ( has so eloquently distlled Steve Strange’s contribution in a short but so precise way, I have to doff my cap to such precise eloquence!

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