New Musik ‘Greatest Hits’ Promo 7″ EP (GTO, XP112, 1981)

This unusual release gathered together New Musik’s six singles to date, all tracks being edited down to lengths unique to this release, playing at 33 1⁄3. I am unsure of the date of release, but perhaps it either came around about the ‘Anywhere’ LP in early 1981 or the ‘Planet Doesn’t Mind’ single from late 1981. Although the label design is plain white, it seems to be before the period where GTO records were fully absorbed into the Epic roster, which their 1982 releases from ‘All You Need Is Love’ were the case.

^ New Musik ‘Greatest Hits’ Promo 7″ EP (GTO, XP112, 1981)

The first four singles run, all from the ‘From A To B’ LP are pretty strong, catchy and gave the band their biggest successes. By the time of the two singles from ‘Anywhere’, the sound was polished to perfection but the music took longer to absorb and its sophistication proved to be a harder sell – neither ‘Luxury’ nor ‘While You Wait’ would repeat chart placings of the earlier singles.

^ New Musik ‘Greatest Hits’ Promo 7″ EP labels side 1.

^ New Musik ‘Greatest Hits’ Promo 7″ EP labels side 2.

While there have been various CD releases which have mostly gathered together the LPs, B sides and cassette-only extra tracks, New Musik are a band that could do with proper compilation CD that gathers together the various single edits and versions that were released. If we discount the 6 promo-only edits unique to this single and restrict things to tracks there were A sides and had some sort of difference from the more common LP versions, the following would be contenders;

  • Straight Lines (7″ Version)
  • This World Of Water (7″ Version)
  • Sanctuary (7″ Version) (it ends rather abruptly mind!)
  • While You Wait (7″ Version)
  • While You Wait (12″ Extended Version) (This has actually appeared on the Japanese-only ‘Anywhere’ CD reissue.)
  • They All Ran After The Carving Knife (there appear to be two different edits on European single releases, one lopping off the odd intro section but otherwise changed, coming in around the 4’55” mark, the other editing it further by fading out earlier than normal, to a duration of approx. 3’18”).
  • The Planet Doesn’t Mind (7″ Version)
  • The Planet Doesn’t Mind (12″ Extended Version)
  • All You Need Is Love (7″ Version) (Pretty much like the LP version but leaving off the intro section.)
  • All You Need Is Love (Promo 7″ Version) (This goes one stage further than the normal 7″ version and fades out earlier, during the ‘Greensleeves’ piano section.)
  • ‘Warp’ (7″ Version)

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