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Various: Tobacco Perfecto (LTM LTMCD 2578 Promo CD, 2013)

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

This curious little compilation (packaged in a slimline CD case rather then the bulkier standard size) was a compilation album of obscure and previously unreleased tracks/versions from acts released via the LTM label. It could be yours gratis if you bought three or more LTM products in one order. Aside from the beautiful packaging design, my main attraction to this compilation was the Durutti Column track, the version of which is exclusive to this compilation.

Tobacco Perfecto compilation CD front cover design

^ Tobacco Perfecto compilation CD front cover design

I was most familiar with ‘Homage to Martinů’ originally from the ‘Lips That Would Kiss’ compilation CD (FBN2CD) from 1991. The version to be found here is described thus on the packaging: ‘Recorded at Graveyard Studio in 1981 during sessions for the album L.C. The ‘flange’ version of this outtake appears on FBN 2 CD and FBN 10 CD but this slightly different mix is unavailable elsewhere.’ Interestingly, the credits on the FBN2CD describe the track as having been recorded at Little Big One, Brussels, 1982. The version itself is not radically different, sonically a few changes here and there.

Tobacco Perfecto compilation CD rear cover design

^ Tobacco Perfecto compilation CD rear cover design

Amongst other acts with tracks exclusive to this CD are The Orchids, Dislocation Dance, Ultramarine. All in all, quite an interesting selection to explore if you can track down a copy (it is now long sold out at LTM).

Tobacco Perfecto compilation CD label design

^ Tobacco Perfecto compilation CD label design


  1. THE ORCHIDS: Another Saturday Night (Remix)
  2. DISLOCATION: DANCE Stop Breathing (Version)
  3. JOSEF K: Endless Soul
  4. 23 SKIDOO: Retain Control
  5. ULTRAMARINE: Find a Way
  6. FINITRIBE with PAUL HAIG: Theme
  7. SNAKEFARM: Marbletown Girl
  8. SECTION 25: Inner Drive (Dub Mix)
  9. REVENGE: Pineapple Face’s Big Day
  10. CLAUDINE COULE: My Darling
  12. THE DURUTTI COLUMN: Homage to Martinů (Version)
  13. ANNA DOMINO: The Light Downtown
  14. NYAM NYAM: So Long Ago
  15. CRISPY AMBULANCE: Open, Gates of Fire
  16. SAVAGE REPUBLIC: Taranto!!!

Button Badge Goodness: Gary Numan (Part 1)

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

Fair warning, there could be several posts in this series, as being a fan of all things Gary Numan since 1979, I have a LOT of these little things. So, here are just a few to get started with, but a nice little selection of vintage cold wave, icy synthesizer cool lapel adornment they are too, I’m sure you’ll agree…

Gary Numan metal lapel badge with 1979 'Touring Principle' era live shot

^ Gary Numan metal lap badge with 1979 ‘Touring Principle’ era live shot


Ultravox ‘The Voice’ Spanish 7″ single (Chrysalis, CHS-2559, 1981)

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Nothing especially exotic when it comes to the musical content of this 45, fine as it is nevertheless – very much Ultravox mark II at the high water mark of their splendidly noir pomp. The A and B sides match the UK release, the former being an edited version of the LP cut, the latter one of Ultravox’s mark II’s best ever B sides, IMHO, with Warren Cann on lead vocals. No, the chief attraction of this 45 is the cover, which broke with the tradition of most territories equivalent releases by ditching the (admittedly very good) Peter Saville (or Estudio Saville, as his nom de plume would have it on this outing) design – instead, the cover features one of photographer Brian Griffin‘s sumptuous shots from the ‘Rage In Era’ period, Ultravox in a timeless retro style in front of a vanishing point horizon. It did at least keep a similar in vein ‘brush script’ style typeface for the titles, the A side of which is also translated as ‘La Voz’ for this release. There does also seem to be another Spanish 7″ edition that features the regular picture sleeve design, it may be a promo only affair though? This is the one for me though.

Ultravox, 'The Voice' ('La Voz') Spanish 7 inch single front cover design

^ Ultravox, ‘The Voice’ (‘La Voz’) Spanish 7 inch single front cover design


Siouxsie and the Banshees ‘The Peel Sessions 1977-1978’ 7″ coloured vinyl EP (Strange Fruit, 677002)

Friday, April 4th, 2014

An odd little curio, two tracks apiece from the bands first two Peel sessions jumbled up on this 7″ EP that sells itself on the packaging to the max, with a mish-mash of Banshees eras; early, pre-Polydor recordings with a Kaleidoscope/JuJu era? Siouxsie pic and typeface logo from the ‘Kiss In The Dreamhouse’ era – topped off with light blue marbled vinyl for the disc itself. Both sessions from which the tracks were culled had already been out before on 12″, cassette and CD some years earlier, with the plainer, more interchangeable, generic style sleeve designs and subsequently various outings for Banshees BBC material. A rougher and rawer Banshees sound before Steve Lillywhite’s production touch and ‘space’…

Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Peel Sessions 1977-78 7 inch EP front cover

^ Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Peel Sessions 1977-78 7 inch EP front cover


Brian Eno – David Byrne, ‘My Life In The Bush of Ghosts’ UK LP (EG Records, EGLP48, 1981)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

There’s nothing new I can bring to the subject of this album, such is the level to which it has been, depending on your point of view, celebrated, name-checked, referenced, over-hyped, over-analysed and generally been given more than its fair share of attention since release. Whether you think it is some seminal piece of work that more or less single-handedly ushered in the era of sampling or is some over-trumpeted slice of faux-ethnic cultural imperialism, it is what it is and if you’ve not already heard it I urge you to approach with fresh ears and give it a spin.

What I can add though is some version craziness. Well, perhaps not craziness. But enough to pen something on. I’m not going to touch upon the pre-history of the album and the bootleg version – much, but not all, of that surfaced officially with the 2006 re-release of the album in the shape of bonus tracks. What didn’t appear though was one of the tracks that was part of the original album release, ‘Qu’Ran’. Another thing that has gone AWOL over the years is the good taste of the original Peter Saville sleeve design, which I attempt to capture in some small part in the accompanying photos here.

Brian Eno - David Byrne, 'My Life In The Bush of Ghosts' UK LP front cover design

^ Brian Eno - David Byrne, 'My Life In The Bush of Ghosts' UK LP front cover design