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Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – ‘Maid of Orleans (The Waltz Joan of Arc)’ (Dindisc DIN40-12), 1982 – ‘Coin’ sleeve version

Saturday, September 14th, 2019

Back in January 2013 I first posted about the Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark ‘Maid of Orleans (The Waltz Joan of Arc)’ 12″ single with the foil finish ‘stained glass’ artwork version, with the note that I would follow-up with the foil-finish ‘coin’ artwork version at a later date. Well, some years later on than I had imaged, here we are!

'Maid of Orleans' front cover design 2 - 'coin' sleeve version - detail

^ ‘Maid of Orleans’ front cover design 2 – ‘coin’ sleeve version

Unlike the ‘stained glass’ versions, the rear of this variant does not contain any text – just a continuation of the fine vertical lines that you can see on the front of the cover. So, there aren’t several variations available on this design, unlike the other. In fact, it appears that the ‘coin’ sleeve was the original design and that the band rejected it – nevertheless, copies were issued. So, it lists ‘Experiments In Vertical Take Off’ as one of the tracks. The OMD ‘Messages’ fan site has a good discography entry on the ‘Maid of Orleans’ 12″ single that covers this release in detail. The period advertising clearly states ‘available in 2 special silver foil sleeves’, as seen on the ‘Like Punk Never Happened’ Flickr site. The advert seems to be hedging its bets by listing the extra track as ‘Experiments In Vertical Take Off (Of All The Things We’ve Made)’.

'Maid of Orleans' front cover design 2 - 'coin' sleeve version

^ ‘Maid of Orleans’ front cover design 2 – ‘coin’ sleeve version

It is only the sleeves that differ between the releases – the 12″ singles themselves are the same as those included in the ‘stained glass’ sleeve version. The ‘coin’ sleeve seems to be the rarer of the variants and even more so finding a copy in mint condition – every time I see one for sale, they are always affected to a greater or lesser degree by some wear and tear.

'Maid of Orleans' rear cover design 2 - 'coin' sleeve version

^ ‘Maid of Orleans’ rear cover design 2 – ‘coin’ sleeve version

Whichever version you come by, without a doubt this single, including its B sides, is definitely a high water mark for OMitD.

Joy Division – ‘Substance’ cassette (Factory FACT250C, 1988)

Friday, June 28th, 2019

‘Substance’ was the second compilation album of Joy Division non-album tracks released on Factory, dating from July 1988. Along with 1981’s ‘Still’, it gathers up many of the tracks that first appeared on the band’s single and EP releases, none of which were featured on either ‘Unknown Pleasures’ or ‘Closer’. (Well, other than a different version of ‘She’s Lost Control’, I suppose.)

^ Joy Division – ‘Substance’ cassette – Factory FACT250C, 1988, front case design.

I have chosen to feature the cassette version, since this hails from my pre-CD buying days and therefore was the only access I had to the full version of the release. You see, the vinyl LP version only came with ten tracks, whereas the cassette version came with those same ten tracks on side 1 and an ‘Appendix’ on side 2 that added an additional seven tracks. (The CD version also came with the full seventeen tracks.) Somewhat annoyingly, rather than present everything in chronological order, the ‘Appendix’ device ensures that things get mixed up. Which is quite a thing considering some of the recordings are rough and ready productions hailing from Joy Division’s first EP release, ‘An Ideal For Living’, compared to the cleaner, far more meticulous later Martin Hannett productions. This is the cassette I bought when it was first released, which comes in a black plastic shell. Apparently there are version where the cassette is in a clear plastic shell, still with paper labels though. (more…)

Ultravox – ‘Moments From Eden’ 10″/CD EP (Absolute, 10EDENRL1, 2011)

Friday, June 14th, 2019

‘Moments From Eden’ was a very attractive, limited edition live EP featuring the tracks that Ultravox added to their set for the second ‘comeback’ tour in 2010, ‘Return To Eden 2’. Rather than release multiple versions, the nicely designed package included a red vinyl 10″ single along with a CD version housed inside the gatefold spread of the cover, with further themed artwork featured in an additional booklet.

^ Ultravox ‘Moments From Eden’ vinyl side A and front cover.

If you ordered the record online from Townsend Records, the release also came with a limited edition A4 sized print, as displayed in the photo below, a variation on the design from the back cover of the record. (more…)

Danielle Dax – ‘Fizzing Human Bomb’ / ‘Yummer Yummer Man’ / ‘Bad Miss ‘M” (Awesome AOR3 / AOR3T, 1985)

Sunday, April 28th, 2019

Dating from late 1985, this single originally came in two variants which swapped around the running order depending on whether you went for 7″ or the more luxurious 12″ versions. Perhaps it was down to budget, but the 12″ version seemed to get the better deal – as well as the extra track, for the packaging it came with full colour print on the cover and gold ink on the record labels, whereas the 7″ came with black and white print on the edited cover (though metallic ink for the type) and yellow ink for the type on the labels. It even found space to include the lyrics for all three tracks, whereas the 7″ could only make do with the musician credits.

Danielle Dax 'Fizzing Human Bomb'/'Yummer Yummer Man'/'Bad Miss M' double A side 12 inch single - front cover

^ Danielle Dax ‘Fizzing Human Bomb’/ ‘Yummer Yummer Man’/’Bad Miss ‘M” double A side 12 inch single – front cover

Danielle Dax 'Fizzing Human Bomb'/'Yummer Yummer Man'/'Bad Miss M' double A side 12 inch single - rear cover

^ Danielle Dax ‘Fizzing Human Bomb’/ ‘Yummer Yummer Man’/’Bad Miss ‘M” double A side 12 inch single – rear cover

The 12″ extra track, ‘Fizzing Human Bomb’, occupied side A exclusively. Meanwhile, side AA featured the two tracks that formed the 7″ single, ‘Yummer Yummer Man’ and ‘Bad Miss ‘M”. Does that make this a trip-A side single then?! (more…)

Various: Tobacco Perfecto (LTM LTMCD 2578 Promo CD, 2013)

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

This curious little compilation (packaged in a slimline CD case rather then the bulkier standard size) was a compilation album of obscure and previously unreleased tracks/versions from acts released via the LTM label. It could be yours gratis if you bought three or more LTM products in one order. Aside from the beautiful packaging design, my main attraction to this compilation was the Durutti Column track, the version of which is exclusive to this compilation.

Tobacco Perfecto compilation CD front cover design

^ Tobacco Perfecto compilation CD front cover design

I was most familiar with ‘Homage to Martinů’ originally from the ‘Lips That Would Kiss’ compilation CD (FBN2CD) from 1991. The version to be found here is described thus on the packaging: ‘Recorded at Graveyard Studio in 1981 during sessions for the album L.C. The ‘flange’ version of this outtake appears on FBN 2 CD and FBN 10 CD but this slightly different mix is unavailable elsewhere.’ Interestingly, the credits on the FBN2CD describe the track as having been recorded at Little Big One, Brussels, 1982. The version itself is not radically different, sonically a few changes here and there. (more…)