Button Badge Goodness: The Cure (Part 1)

One of a short series on button badges from back in the day dedicated to The Cure that I was more than happy to make space for on jacket lapels and the like to show off that eager teenage fandom!

The Cure - button badge selection #1
^ The Cure – button badge selection #1

In part 1, some early badges of various nature, including the three badges sold on the tour to promote the ‘Pornography’ album, ‘Fourteen Explicit Moments’. (Its a wonder that there has never been a bootleg release of that name from the tour given that’s what the band themselves named it…) Continue reading “Button Badge Goodness: The Cure (Part 1)”

Button badge goodness: Landscape

A few 1981 vintage badges from Landscape… they had a short time in the glare of popularity – ushered in by association with the New Romantic / Futurist / Blitz / Scene With No Name (call it what you will) movement, with a run of singles (‘European Man’, ‘Einstein A Go-Go’ and ‘Norman Bates’ plus the parent album, ‘From The Tea Rooms Of Mars… To The Hell Holes Of Uranus’ and Richard James Burgess who seemed to be man about town and would seemingly appear here, there and everywhere at one point (such as production duties for other New Romantic scenesters Spandau Ballet and Hot Gossip, amongst others. The follow-up album, ‘Manhattan Boogie Woogie’ and subsequent singles as the slimmed down line-up of Landscape III failed to continue the success… but are worth checking out, nevertheless. A modest set of lapel-enhancing love for Landscape… enjoy nonetheless!

Landscape button badges
^ Landscape button badges

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Button Badge Goodness: The Police (Part 1)

Over a few posts, here are a few button badges from back in the day – these are all of 1979/80/81 vintage as collected by my younger brother at the time, who was quite The Police fan, also tracking down a good many tasty foreign picture sleeve variations and coloured vinyls – what band they were for that!

The Police - button badge selection A
^ The Police – button badge selection A

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