Button badge goodness: Propaganda

Sold on their 1985 ‘Outside World’ tour, this small metal/enamel badge, delightfully inscribed with the legend, ‘The Propaganda Wish’ adds a dash of icy cool ‘Abba from Hell’ synth rock sophistication to any lapel!

'The Propaganda Wish' -metal/enamel badge sold on the Propaganda 1985 'Outside World' tour
^ \’The Propaganda Wish\’ -metal/enamel badge sold on the Propaganda 1985 \’Outside World\’ tour

Button badge goodness: Siouxsie and the Banshees

A few more helpings of new wave button badge goodness to tide over the festive season… this time around some vintage goodies from Siouxsie and the Banshees. All of these are from the period, not later reprints (which I always find a massive disappointment when I come across them on eBay – or is that just me?) The rectangular oblong one has seen better days and the plastic encasing the image has started to discolour now – it has seen a lot of service on my jacket lapels in the past though! A couple of the others are printed on foil instead of plain paper and naturally catch the light and the eye that bit better.

Siouxsie badge, circa 1982
^ Siouxsie badge, circa 1982

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Button badge goodness: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD)

There have been some great posts over at the PostPunkMonk and The Never Ending Search for the Perfect Beat blogs recently focusing on new wave era badges. Coming somewhat late to the party but keen to get in on the act, I present here a selection of OMitD badges from my collection – thought I’d do them justice and add something of a Peter Saville / Ben Kelly vibe to the backdrops!

OMitD badge - first album 'lozenge' grid pattern in grey plastic

Probably my favourite one because it is so unusual – clearly modelled after the original limited edition first album sleeve, this is grey plastic with the the ‘lozenge’ holes. Came across it on The World’s Biggest Online Junk Cupboard – ie, eBay! Continue reading “Button badge goodness: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD)”

Skids ‘The Absolute Game’ original album label designs

Some months back I promised that as well as publishing some details on the CD issues of the Skids album ‘The Absolute Game’ I would post some photos of the original album art, for comparison – so anyone who is not familiar with the original album (and free album) can get an idea of details such as the label designs, inserts and even a badge of the period that was available courtesy of the merchandise sheet slipped into the album copies.

'The Absolute Game' label design, A side
^ ‘The Absolute Game’ label design, A side

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