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A Tourist’s Guide to ‘Life In Tokyo’ – Part 3

Sunday, February 21st, 2021


‘Life In Tokyo’ ‘Souvenir From Japan’ compilation version (4’02”)

‘Life In Tokyo’ ‘Souvenir From Japan’ compilation version (4’02”)

Another Hansa label compilation and yet another variation of ‘Life In Tokyo’ sees light of day, least when you might expect it. By 1989, Japan were a long time gone and this compilation appeared out of the blue, bang in the middle of all things Madchester, Acid House and the like. No ‘Assemblage’-like sales here, sadly, an all too easily missed release. Nevertheless, I first bought this on cassette (there was never a vinyl release) and later on CD.

The 1989 Japan compilation CD 'Souvenir From Japan'

^ The 1989 Japan compilation CD ‘Souvenir From Japan’


A Tourist’s Guide to ‘Life In Tokyo’ – Part 2

Sunday, February 14th, 2021


‘Life In Tokyo’ (Remix) (6’15”)
‘Life In Tokyo’ (Special Remix) (4’02”)
‘Life In Tokyo’ (Extended Remix) (7’05”)
‘Life In Tokyo’ (Theme) (3’55”)
‘Life In Tokyo’ (‘Street Scene’ K-Tel compilation LP mix) (2’58”)

‘Life In Tokyo’ (Remix) (6’15”)

This wildly different version of ‘Life In Tokyo’ first saw light of day as the opening track of side two of the ‘Assemblage’ Special Edition Double Play cassette-only re-release in the UK. I think this was released October 1982, based on this advert from Record Mirror magazine, issue dated 30 October 1982. On the cassette’s card inlay it was listed as ‘Special Remix’ (and wrongly listed with a duration of 7’05”), whereas the cassette shell itself listed it just as ‘Remix’.

1982 UK 'Assemblage' Special Edition Double Play cassette box

^ 1982 UK ‘Assemblage’ Special Edition Double Play cassette box – the first release for this mix.


A Tourist’s Guide to ‘Life In Tokyo’ – Part 1

Sunday, February 7th, 2021

March 2021 will see the latest re-release for Japan’s third album, ‘Quiet Life’, this time in a super deluxe boxed set edition, amongst other remastered formats (single CD, vinyl LP on different weights/colours). That particular deluxe re-issue is set to include a CD of contemporary extras (‘A Quieter Life: Alternative Mixes and Rarities’) which will include the 7″ and 12″ remixes of ‘Life In Tokyo’ made by Steve Nye and released in September 1982 in the UK, as well as ‘Life In Tokyo (Theme Giorgio Moroder Version 1979)’, the exact nature of which is yet to become clear at time of writing.

Various 1979 and 1981 singe releases of 'Life In Tokyo'

^ Various 1979 and 1981 singe releases of ‘Life In Tokyo’


VersionCrazy Rewind #1

Thursday, January 28th, 2021

In the first of what will likely be an occasional series, rather than post something new, time to rewind and revisit earlier posts where since first publication new information has come to light either via valuable reader comments or subsequent info coming to light.

Gary Numan – ‘Telekon’ 2015 double album reissue

At the the time of publication, I noted that one of the unique things about this latest (of many) re-issues to Gary Numan’s 1980 album ‘Telekon’ was that it included a previously unreleased ‘Alternative Mix’ (as listed on the cover) of ‘I Die: You Die’ which was a much earlier, less developed version – and that this release appeared to be vinyl only, so no easy way to get a digital format. Since then, I note that the full double album re-issue has become available to download in high quality (or stream) from Check this mix out for yourself here: Telekon 2015 on (more…)

Side by side: Hard Corps – Porte-Bonheur / Lucky Charm versions

Thursday, January 21st, 2021

A surprisingly complicated tale to tell when it comes to the various versions of Hard Corps and their final single release, ‘Lucky Charm’ (in English) / ‘Porte Bonheur’ (en Français) that go beyond just the different language variants. In short – most have never been issued on CD and remain exclusive to the various original vinyl releases of the time, both UK and France, since the 7” and 12” versions not only differ in language, but in some cases the edits (rather than mixes) too. The only versions from vinyl that have ever appeared on CD are the 7” mix of ‘Porte Bonheur’ – found on the B sides of the UK 7” and French 7” – this version appeared on the ‘Metal and Flesh’ CD – and the UK 12” A side on a semi-official(?) compilation CD (and possibly a needle-drop at that?) ‘Euro Disco – The Lost Legends Vol. 2’. If you’re thinking that the ‘Metal and Flesh’ CD had the French language 12” mix on it… pardonez moi, non! It nearly did… the mix is there, but edited down much shorter.

Hard Corps - Lucky Charm UK 7 inch single front cover

^ Hard Corps – Lucky Charm UK 7 inch single front cover