Love and Rockets – ‘Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven’ on CD – UPDATE

November 30th, 2018

With this post I’m going to look at the various releases on CD of ‘Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven’, the debut album by Love and Rockets, released in Late 1985 and a particular favourite of mine through the years – and specifically digging about at the various different mixes of some of its tracks and bonus tracks which were added to the numerous CD issues. This updated post adds a few additional points that have become known since the original post, mostly thanks to the wonderful comments left by well-informed readers of this blog – thank you! In short, these are a slight edit to ‘The Game’ on the US version of the album and the US 12″ promo version of ‘Dog End of a Day Gone By’ being a unique mix that is not simply an edit of the US album remix.

Original UK CD (front)

^ Original UK CD (front)

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Richard Jobson – ‘No Bad Words 1977-2017’ book (Bracket Press, 2018)

November 30th, 2018

This wonderful little book appeared earlier this year – these photos give a flavour of the hardback edition.

Richard Jobson 'No Bad Words 1977-2017' first edition hard back paper bag cover

^ Richard Jobson ‘No Bad Words 1977-2017’ first edition hard back paper bag cover

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Bauhaus – ‘Shadow of Light’ UK VHS cassette (Kace International, KIP 2 006 D, 1983)

October 28th, 2018

This is the original issue of this VHS cassette that I bought when it was first released in late 1983. That year had been quite momentous for Bauhaus of course with their final album, tour and split and they had gained a level of popularity that they had been working towards for some time. As David J infamously opined in a contemporary interview, with ‘Spirit’ they had knocked on the door of recognition, with ‘Ziggy Stardust’ they decided that it was time to boot it in. There’s no doubt that part of the appeal was their visual edge and the promo videos were all part of this (even if at the time in the UK, it was never easy to actually see these with any regularity).

Bauhaus 'Shadow of Light' front cover design

^ Bauhaus ‘Shadow of Light’ front cover design

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Wire – ‘Life In The Manscape’ US CD single (Enigma/Mute, 7 75553-2 / MUTE 107, 1990)

September 25th, 2018

‘Life In The Manscape’ turned out to be the one and only single release from Wire’s fan-testing ‘Manscape’ album, a period where the band’s insistence on devotion to process (in this case MIDI/computer-based recording and editing) dragged them well out of shape from the nominal ‘beat combo’ of the preceding Mute releases. (And even those releases had already had their fair share of playing second fiddle to the technology…) The album was viewed by Wire as their ‘1990’ album, a deliberate change in direction and methodology. I personally have a lot of time for it, but the band themselves have long since distanced themselves from it and many’s the fan who have either joined them in that view or would hope for some 21st century remix of it to sort it out.

Wire - Life in the Manscape US CD front insert design

^ Wire – Life in the Manscape US CD front insert design

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Propaganda – ‘The Nine Lives of Dr Mabuse’ cassette single (ZTT, CTIS101, 1984)

March 27th, 2018

An incarnation of Propaganda recently reactivated and performed ‘A Secret Wish’ in full at a couple of sold out shows at ‘The Garage’ in London, under the monicker of xPropaganda. I never thought I would get a chance to hear this album performed live, so it was quite the event, one that simply had to be attended if at all possible. Many highlights, inevitably, ‘Dr Mabuse’ chief amongst them. What better way to celebrate the re-emergence than to take a look back at the ‘singlette’ edition (as ZTT were wont to call their cassettes) of their debut single…

Propaganda - The Nine Lives of Dr Mabuse - cassette single inlay and case - front

^ Propaganda – The Nine Lives of Dr Mabuse – cassette single inlay and case – front

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