Button badge goodness: Landscape

A few 1981 vintage badges from Landscape… they had a short time in the glare of popularity – ushered in by association with the New Romantic / Futurist / Blitz / Scene With No Name (call it what you will) movement, with a run of singles (‘European Man’, ‘Einstein A Go-Go’ and ‘Norman Bates’ plus the parent album, ‘From The Tea Rooms Of Mars… To The Hell Holes Of Uranus’ and Richard James Burgess who seemed to be man about town and would seemingly appear here, there and everywhere at one point (such as production duties for other New Romantic scenesters Spandau Ballet and Hot Gossip, amongst others. The follow-up album, ‘Manhattan Boogie Woogie’ and subsequent singles as the slimmed down line-up of Landscape III failed to continue the success… but are worth checking out, nevertheless. A modest set of lapel-enhancing love for Landscape… enjoy nonetheless!

Landscape button badges
^ Landscape button badges

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Danielle Dax – ‘Whistling For His Love’ Remixes US Promo 12″ (Sire, PRO-A-3630, 1988)

There are quite a number of different versions out there for ‘Whistling For His Love’, one of Danielle’s uniquely odd and wonderful tales set to a sweetly electronic, sequencer-driven backing. The original version was first released on the Japanese only album ‘The Chemical Wedding’, which I focussed on a few posts back – while the second, most commonly available version, was first released on the ‘Dark Adapted Eye’ album and subsequently on the flip side of the UK single, ‘White Knuckle Ride’* in 1989 – and also the ‘Comatose Non-Reaction’ compilation album from 1995.

As well as those two, four other mixes are to be found on this promo-only 12” EP from Sire Records…

Danielle Dax - 'Whistling For His Love' US 12" Promo front
^ Danielle Dax – ‘Whistling For His Love’ US 12″ Promo front

The four different versions here were all remixes by Joseph Watt for Razormaid! Productions and I would assume, based on the credit on the disc label, it was intended to help promote ‘Dark Adapted Eye’ – there was no commercial single release for these remixes though. Continue reading “Danielle Dax – ‘Whistling For His Love’ Remixes US Promo 12″ (Sire, PRO-A-3630, 1988)”

Joy Division ‘Live In Amsterdam 1980’ Japanese CD [Alive The Live / King Street, INGCD4174, 2020]

I tend not to feature live Joy Division recordings on VersionCrazy because… well… where will it end?! There are simply so many of them released over the years – official, semi-official, unofficial… and as for the sound quality. I shouldn’t be too harsh as it is from an era where documentation of every movement was not the norm it seemingly is now… and with the ease of finding recordings online, who even needs physical versions? But once in a while a release comes along that is worth celebrating, if you still crave a physical copy. If you come across this one, you will be in for a treat as sonically, this is as good as you can expect from the era… and the packaging, while no Peter Saville production by any means, does a decent job.

Joy Division 'Live In Amsterdam 1980' 2020 Japanese CD front cover design with OBI.
^ Joy Division ‘Live In Amsterdam 1980’ 2020 Japanese CD front cover design with OBI.

The gig in question is from 11th January 1980 at The Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You can read more about the gig and its unique background on why there were two Joy Division sets on the treasure trove of info that is the wonderful Joy Division Central website. Its one of the most bootlegged gigs and has also ‘officially’ been re-issued, though somewhat cack-handedly, on the ‘official’ versions here and here. There is a forum discussion about live recordings of the gig on the interactive message board area of the site dedicated to the gig and you’ll find plenty of discussion as well as links to online YouTube recordings of the 2010 high quality recording from which its likely this is sourced from too. Continue reading “Joy Division ‘Live In Amsterdam 1980’ Japanese CD [Alive The Live / King Street, INGCD4174, 2020]”

Danielle Dax – ‘The Chemical Wedding’ Japanese CD (Vap, 85018-25, 1987)

In a comment on my previous Danielle Dax post about the ‘Yummer Yummer Man’/‘Fizzing Human Bomb’ single, PostPunkMonk absolutely nailed it about Dax with his customary pinpoint accuracy and brevity – “a talent with no fear and ideas to spare”. No better example of that than this curious release, ‘The Chemical Wedding’, which was a mini-album release in Japan only (mini-album I presume, based on its duration) at the tail end of 1987 at The Venue, in Aberdeen. A curio in that it features various tracks that were originally unique and later would re-appear in re-recorded/remixed form over the next couple of years, making this a desirable item to track down for the version crazy completist Dax fans amongst you. (Assuming that’s not just me then!)

Danielle Dax - 'The Chemical Wedding' Japanese CD - front cover design and disc label with folded insert in jewel case
^ Danielle Dax – ‘The Chemical Wedding’ Japanese CD – front cover design and disc label with folded insert in jewel case

I didn’t come by this release at the time though, only much later. I had been able to see Danielle Dax live in November 1987 on a brief UK tour, a great show it was too, the experience something else altogether. Earlier in 1987 was when the ‘Inky Bloaters’ album came out, to some degree of celebration in the music press, it’s fair to say – so, subsequently getting a chance to see the live show in due course, even better.

This release passed by my radar though – perhaps no surprise, as it had no UK equivalent. Seems to have been released in November of that year and when I did find out about it, much later, I assumed it was a straightforward singles A and B sides mopping-up compilation from foreign climes, just the type I like… There was no discogs.com nor eBay to easily find out details back then. But this release was much more than that, as it turns out… a treat for Danielle’s fan base in Japan, since it contains unique versions of ‘Cat-House’ and ‘Whistling For His Love’ and early dibs on ‘Touch Piggy’s Eyes’ and ‘Olamal’, which wouldn’t get releases elsewhere until 1988 and 1995 respectively. And let’s get one thing clear from the off – Dax B sides contain some incredible songs. That 1987 gig at The Venue in Aberdeen and the transformed version of ‘Up In Arms’ a good example – a sonic juggernaut when taking flight in live performance. Continue reading “Danielle Dax – ‘The Chemical Wedding’ Japanese CD (Vap, 85018-25, 1987)”

Killing Joke ‘Brighter Than a Thousand Suns’ version craziness

It was a long time before I made the move to adopt CD format releases, perhaps equal parts refusenik and pauper behind the decision. But eventually the changing tide meant much was being missed because of the lack of a CD player and so it was time to get out there for one and start to buy the shiny silver discs. Obviously, the main push point on this were those albums with a big difference between what you got on vinyl and what you got on CD… Wire’s 1990 ‘Manscape’ album was the driving force for me personally, but one of the earliest examples of this variance in formats in my area of interest was Killing Joke’s 1986 album, ‘Brighter Than A Thousand Suns’.

Killing Joke - 'Brighter Than A Thousand Suns' front cover designs - UK 1986 LP, Cassette and CD and 2007 UK CD
^ Killing Joke – ‘Brighter Than A Thousand Suns’ front cover designs – UK 1986 LP, Cassette and CD and 2007 UK CD

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