British Electric Foundation ‘Music for listening to’ US CD (Caroline, CAROL 1124-2)

Related to the previous post, this is a CD release from 1997 that features all of the tracks originally issued on the UK ‘Music for Stowaways’ cassette as well as the ‘Music for listening to’ vinyl mini-album.

BEF ‘Music for listening to’ US CD

The front cover design is based on the vinyl LP sleeve and preserves its tracklisting, the back case displays the listing as found on the CD.

Tracklisting is:
Groove Thang (4.06)
Optimum Chant (4.12)
Uptown Apocalypse (3.12)
B.E.F. Ident (0.37)
A Baby Called Billy (4.00)
Rise Of The East (2.50)
Music To Kill Your Parents By (1.24)
Wipe The Board Clean (3.46)
The Old At Rest (5.37)
Decline Of The West (7.15)

BEF ‘Music for listening to’ US CD - label and rear case

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