Steven Severin ‘Kidnap Garden’, UK promo-only CD (Ryko, RMCD003)

‘Kidnap Garden’ is a promo-only CD featuring a variety of Steven Severin’s non-Banshees songwriting examples – not only his solo material but also examples from The Glove (his 1983 collaboration with Robert Smith of The Cure) as well as Marc and the Mambas.

'Kidnap Garden' front sleeve design

Commissioned by his publishing company of the period, Ryko, the CD is a promo-only affair released in 2004 and not commercially available. More’s the pity, as it is a nicely packaged selection, complete with sleeve notes including track by track comments courtesy of Mr Severin himself.

'Kidnap Garden' CD label design

'Kidnap Garden' rear CD case design

Tracklisting for the CD (all tracks solo except where noted:

1: London Voodoo
(from: ‘London Voodoo’)
2: Mouth To Mouth
(from: ‘Blue Sunshine’, The Glove)
3: Perfect Murder
(from: ‘Blue Sunshine’, The Glove)
4: The Argument
(from: ‘Circa’ by the Holy Body Tattoo dance company, soundtrack)
5: Prelude:Europa
(from: ‘Maldoror’)
6: Enter Into These Bonds
(from: ‘Visions’)
7: The Very Idea
(From the as yet unreleased album project, ‘Eros plus Massacre’)
8: The Cellar
(from: ‘London Voodoo’)
9: Initiation
(from: ‘London Voodoo’)
10: A Blues in Drag
(from: ‘Blue Sunshine’, The Glove)
11: Torment
(from: ‘Torment and Toreros’, Marc and the Mambas)
12: The Tightrope
(from: ‘Punish Me With Kisses’, single B side, The Glove)
13: Transverberation Of The Heart
(from: ‘Visions’)
14: Fiona’s Shrine
(from: ‘London Voodoo’)
15: Your World And Mine
(from: ‘London Voodoo’, Darling Hate)

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