Gary Numan – ‘I Assassin’ Jap mini LP sleeve (Beggars Banquet/Imperial, TECI-24262)

The last of these entries on the Numan Japanese replica mini-LP sleeve editions – ‘I Assassin’, originally issued on vinyl and cassette in 1982.

Front sleeve, inner sleeve front, additional booklet, obi (front) and CD label design

This CD release comes with 15 tracks in total – the 8 from the original album plus the same seven bonus tracks as per the UK Beggars Banquet re-issue from 2002 (BBL40CD). As for packaging – it pretty faithfully recreates the UK LP sleeve design, as shown in the photos – outer and inner sleeve. There is also an additional black and white Japanese text-only info and lyric booklet (8 pages), plus an extra record company contact card and of course the outer ‘obi’ band. The label design is as per side one of the original UK vinyl issue, even down to still including the ‘Dance’ text at the top.

Back sleeve design, back of inner sleeve, additional booklet (rear), obi (rear) and CD label (again)

To date, there have only been the four mini-LP replica CD issues, which leaves quite a number of albums still to appear in the format – I don’t know if there are plans for these or not – it has now been quite a few years since these four appeared – so, who knows?…

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