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Side by side: Hard Corps – Porte-Bonheur / Lucky Charm versions

Thursday, January 21st, 2021

A surprisingly complicated tale to tell when it comes to the various versions of Hard Corps and their final single release, ‘Lucky Charm’ (in English) / ‘Porte Bonheur’ (en Français) that go beyond just the different language variants. In short – most have never been issued on CD and remain exclusive to the various original vinyl releases of the time, both UK and France, since the 7” and 12” versions not only differ in language, but in some cases the edits (rather than mixes) too. The only versions from vinyl that have ever appeared on CD are the 7” mix of ‘Porte Bonheur’ – found on the B sides of the UK 7” and French 7” – this version appeared on the ‘Metal and Flesh’ CD – and the UK 12” A side on a semi-official(?) compilation CD (and possibly a needle-drop at that?) ‘Euro Disco – The Lost Legends Vol. 2’. If you’re thinking that the ‘Metal and Flesh’ CD had the French language 12” mix on it… pardonez moi, non! It nearly did… the mix is there, but edited down much shorter.

Hard Corps - Lucky Charm UK 7 inch single front cover

^ Hard Corps – Lucky Charm UK 7 inch single front cover

If you are not familiar with the track in any detail, the bigger picture in summary – the shorter 7” mix (in French and English versions) was produced/remixed along with Mute Records founder Daniel Miller and the band. ‘Lucky Charm’ was one of about half a dozen tracks the band worked on during 1986 in the period where the relationship with Polydor Records had gone cold and they were trying to disentangle themselves from that contract. These tracks (according to ‘Showcase’ fanzine of the period, produced by Nick Linazasoro, which contains an excellent, in depth interview with the band) also included ‘Killing Fields’, ‘Desire’, ‘Rain in the UK’ and ‘Lovers and Strangers’. (Likely also ‘Coeur Clos’/‘Change Your Heart’?)

Re-recorded for the eventual single, it varies quite a bit depending on the record you have. My original experience when bought at the time was that the 7″ mix starts off with some lush synth string pads and electronic percussion before the main thrust of the song kicks in. This 7” mix is quite a bit different in many ways from the longer 12” version (which again exists in both French and English) – this mix starts off with a sequenced, sampled voice and gets going with a different bass synth sequence and more of a four to the floor kick drum pulse. This mix doesn’t have the Daniel Miller involvement and was produced by the band (and with some involvement from Pascal Gabriel too) judging by the various sleeve credits. This mix was edited down for the A side of the French 7”.

Getting confusing now, huh? But wait, there’s more… there is also the wholly instrumental mix of the track too (which again is different on the UK and French releases). So, note the following in short (there’s a hell of a lot more detail at the end…) (more…)

Visage – ‘Visage’ US Mini-Album (Polydor, PX-1-501, 1981)

Thursday, January 14th, 2021

Back to another of my favourite formats, the regional exclusive mini-album – and once again, as was often the case for this type of release, hailing from the US and Canada. As is typical, a compilation of tracks pulled together from various UK releases but with one vital extra piece of firepower going for it – an at the time new ‘Dance Mix’ of ‘Fade To Grey’.

 Visage - 'Visage' US Mini-Album front cover design

^ Visage – ‘Visage’ US Mini-Album front cover design


David Bowie – ‘It’s No Game’ (Part 1) Japanese 7″ (RCA, RPS-10, 1980)

Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

With a variety of ‘40th anniversary’ releases that have been released this year (some may say plague…), it’s been something of a surprise that David Bowie’s celebrated 1980 tour de force ‘Scary Monsters… and Super Creeps’ has not been amongst them. No album re-issue, no 7” picture discs for any of the singles (a series that seems to have abruptly halted) – not that there haven’t been other Bowie re-issues, mind, including those ridiculous random colour vinyl lottery releases…) – quite the opposite.

David Bowie - 'It's No Game (Part One) Japanese 7" front insert design

^ David Bowie – ‘It’s No Game’ (Part One) Japanese 7″ front insert design


Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) – ‘History of Modern’ limited edition CD/DVD boxed set (2010, Greece, Undo / Blue Noise / EMI CDUN25B)

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

VersionCrazy has previously covered the full limited edition LP/2xCD/DVD boxed set edition of ‘History of Modern’ in some detail (well, visually anyway) – but did you know that there was a smaller scale boxed edition of the album released in Greece as well?

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) - 'History of Modern' limited edition CD/DVD boxed set - front case

^ Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) – ‘History of Modern’ limited edition CD/DVD boxed set – front case.


Scritti Politti – ‘Lover To Fall’ (Remix Version) French 7” single (Virgin 90233, 1985)

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Released in France only as a single, ‘Lover To Fall’ was remixed by John “Tokes” Potoker for good measure on this release. As well as this 7″ copy there is also a promo-only 12″ (and promo-only 7″ available) – all of these feature the same remix version though.

Scritti Politti - ‘Lover To Fall’ (Remix Version) French 7” single front cover

^ Scritti Politti – ‘Lover To Fall’ (Remix Version) French 7” single front cover