Hard Corps ‘To Breathe’ West German 12″ (Polydor/Metronome, 883-413-1), 1985

To this day I still don’t know what the story is behind this single and why it was never properly released, seemingly withdrawn at the last minute back in late 1985 – no doubt why it is extremely difficult to come by.

Hard Corps ‘To Breathe’ West German 12″ front sleeve design

This particular copy is the West German 12″ edition. The tracks on this 12″ are;

To Breathe (Extended Version) (5.46)
Metal And Flesh (5.30)
To Breathe (Instrumental) (3.50)

Hard Corps ‘To Breathe’ West German 12″ rear sleeve design

The label design is different to those on the UK copies, being a fairly plain black and silver ink thing (the UK copies have picture label designs).

Label design and rear cover design

There is also a 7″ of this West German edition too (Polydor/Metronome, 883-413-7) which comes with a 3.38 edit of the A side and the same version of ‘Metal and Flesh’ on the B side. Sleeve design is almost identical with only minor differences, while the label is a pink injection-moulded thing.

The UK editions will be covered another time…

The good news is that Hard Corps now have a presence on MySpace – check it out: http://www.myspace.com/hardcorps84

2 Replies to “Hard Corps ‘To Breathe’ West German 12″ (Polydor/Metronome, 883-413-1), 1985”

  1. There’s a French 12″ too (Polydor 883 413-1). Do you have pictures of the German 7″ as I don’t have that in my discography? The rarest of the lot though is probably the UK 7″ (Polydor HARD 2) 🙂

  2. Hi Graham… Thanks for getting in touch… I used to buy CyberNoise back in the day and do believe I still have various copies tucked away somewhere! I have the German and UK 7″ singles. The sleeve designs to both are largely similar, but the UK 7″ comes with a great couple of picture label designs – I’ll dig it out and document.

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