John Foxx ‘My Face’ UK yellow plastic ‘Smash Hits flexi-disc, 1980

Something of an indulgence in this post – ‘My Face’ was a previously unreleased track that John Foxx gave away to Smash Hits magazine in late 1980, issued via the medium of a one-sided, crackly bright yellow plastic flexidisc – and what you see here is it wrapped in my home made cover design of the time. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t alone in putting together my own cover design – I was obviously trying to channel the spirit of the preceding ‘Burning Car’ sleeve design in typeface and coloured line elements.

John Foxxx 'My Face' flexidisc housed in home-made sleeve

^ John Foxxx 'My Face' flexidisc housed in home-made sleeve

‘My Face’ still had something of the stark electronic sound that the ‘Metamatic’ era material had, though it was destined not to be included on the follow-up album, ‘The Garden’ – though that album’s ‘You Were There’ seems to have echoes of the song’s melody? ‘My Face’ would eventually appear in pristine, crackle-free form on CD, appended to later re-issues of ‘Metamatic’, but back in the day the only other release for it was on a self-titled Canadian album that took bits from ‘Metamatic’ and the singles of the time and concocted a new selection, wrapped in a sized-up near facsimile of the ‘No One Driving’ sleeve design.

Smash Hits 2-15 October 1980 cover design

^ Smash Hits 2-15 October 1980 cover design

Smash Hits 2-15 October 1980 - John Foxx flexi article

^ Smash Hits 2-15 October 1980 - John Foxx flexi article

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  1. Nice to see I’m not the only record geek who’s been known to make sleeves for bonus flexidiscs! I wonder if I still have my Bill Nelson “Acceleration” sleeve I made to house that Trouser Press flex ca. 1982? I can remember when I got that Canadian “John Foxx” album just to get “My Face” in full quality. I may have gotten that LP even before the flex itself, now that I recall. The actual flexi was a mail order item in the mid-80s for me. The Canadian LP was interesting because it was also a gatefold cover; the only one in the [solo] Foxx canon until the recent re-issue of “Metamatic” on white vinyl, which I’d like, if not actually need.

  2. Rooksby says:

    I was a big Foxx fan back in 1980, & an avid Smash Hits reader too, so I absolutely adored this garish yellow flexi as a kid. It’s rather amusing, in hindsight, that one had to tear a strip off of “young pretender” Gary Numan’s face when removing it from the front cove thoughr, eh?

  3. admin says:

    Oh yes! I’m afraid that I too in my teenage haste to prise the said flexi from its cover mount managed to end up giving Mr Numan a couple of bald patches with the ripped off tape – like he wasn’t having enough trouble in the hair department already!

  4. Lieutenant 030 says:

    for that total 80’s feeling (or to relive your lost youth) then check out
    a site dedicated to the smash hits magazine, see gary numan without his hair torn off

  5. admin says:

    Can’t recommend the labour of love that is Like Punk Never Happened highly enough – and welcome aboard Lieutenant 030 😉

  6. Michael says:

    Stuart Maconie had John as a guest on his RadMac show earlier this week – the interview is available as a stand alone sound clip on the BBC 6Music website. The following link works but they’ll no doubt take it down in due course.

  7. admin says:

    He was in quite amusing form in that one!

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