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Brian Eno, ‘Textures’ CD (Standard Music Library, ESL 003)

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

If you are not already familiar with it, ‘Textures’ is a CD by Brian Eno that has never been commercially available to the public, instead only a limited, promotional-only release, intended as a stock library music source for licensing by film and television makers, released by Standard Music Library, cat. no. ESL 003.

'Textures' CD front cover

^ 'Textures' CD front cover

Despite its limited availability, it appears that it has been issued a few times, so this particular sleeve design is not the only one available.

'Textures' CD back case design

^ 'Textures' CD back case design

Although all the titles may appear unfamiliar, much of the music on the CD has been released on regular CDs, mostly ‘The Shutov Assembly’, though much of it remains exclusive to this CD, at least to date.

'Textures' CD - disc label

^ 'Textures' CD - disc label

Tracklisting is:

  1. Soft Dawn (2:19)
  2. The Water Garden (2:53)
  3. Shaded Water (3:16)
  4. Suspicions (4:14)
  5. Ozone (1:42)
  6. Landscape With Haze (4:06)
  7. Mirage (3:20)
  8. River Mist (4:33)
  9. Constant Dreams (3:57)
  10. Dark Dreams (3:07)
  11. Black Planet (2:52)
  12. Night Thoughts (3:37)
  13. Travellers (3:52)
  14. Evil Thoughts (2:01)
  15. Darkness (1:24)
  16. Jungles (2:00)
  17. Sanctuaries (1:37)
  18. Menace (1:46)
  19. Suspended Motion (3:43)
  20. The Wild (4:22)
  21. River Journey (11:14)

All tracks are composed by Brian Eno except for 3, 12 and 13 which are composed by Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois and Roger Eno, and tracks 14-17, which are composed by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois.

'Textures' CD - insert, middle pages

^ 'Textures' CD - insert, middle pages

The tracks which are here under another name are as follows;

  • The Water Garden is Cavallino, from ‘The Shutov Assembly’
  • Shaded Water is Alhondiga, from ‘The Shutov Assembly’
  • Suspicions is Lanzarote, from ‘The Shutov Assembly’
  • Mirage is Triennale, from ‘The Shutov Assembly’
  • Landscape with Haze is Riverside, from ‘The Shutov Assembly’
  • River Mist is Asian River from ‘Music For Films III’
  • River Journey is an extended remix of Asian River from ‘Music For Films III’
  • Constant Dreams is an edit of Neroli from ‘Neroli’
  • Suspended Motion is Markgraph, from ‘The Shutov Assembly’
  • The Wild is Stedelijk, from ‘The Shutov Assembly’

'Textures' CD - insert, middle - left page

^ 'Textures' CD - insert, middle - left page

What with being intended for television and film makers, each track comes with its own brief description of the mood it evokes, so in the case of ‘Ozone’ it is ‘gently-pulsing, tinkling slightly dramatic’, while something like ‘Dark Dreams’ is ‘weird confused bizarre atmospheric’.

'Textures' CD - insert, middle - right page

^ 'Textures' CD - insert, middle - right page

Associates – ‘Associates’ 4 track promo CD (V2, VVR5011563P)

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

A four song promo CD dating from 2000, released on V2 records to promote their re-issue programme of the Associates back catalogue (‘Sulk’, ‘Fourth Drawer Down’ and ‘Double Hipness’).

^ Front cover scan of the CD View this image at a larger size

^ Front cover scan of the CD

It is curious because a couple of the mixes are not the ones present on the CD albums that this release is promoting. The tracks featured on this release include

  1. Party Fears Two (5.09)
  2. Club Country (4.09)
  3. Love Hangover (6.08)
  4. The Associate (4.59)

So, ‘Party Fears Two’ and ‘Love Hangover’ are of interest.

^ Rear cover scan of the CDView this image at a larger size

^ Rear cover scan of the CD

The version of ‘Party Fears Two’ is definitely not the album version that appears on the original vinyl album and the V2 re-issue CD of ‘Sulk’. And it is not the remixed Mark Arthurworrey version that appeared on the American/European issues of ‘Sulk’ either. No, this version is as per the original single version , but at 5.09 it is a lot longer than the original 7″ but not as long as the original 12″.

^ Scan of the CD label designView this image at a larger size

^ Scan of the CD label design

Also of interest is the version of ‘Love Hangover’ featured – is the 12″ version, whereas the 7″ mix is what appeared on the V2 re-issue of ‘Sulk’. Is this its only appearance on CD to date, I wonder? UPDATE: It is not the 12″ mix, but another variant! Please see the comments below…

^ Rear case scan showing additional promotional info stickerView this image at a larger size

^ Rear case scan showing additional promotional info sticker

Wire ‘Eardrum Buzz’ clear vinyl 7″ single (Mute, MUTE 87)

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

An odd little curio this one – I don’t recall it having been available when the single was first released in 1989 and I came across it a couple of years later courtesy of ‘Record Collector’ magazine, where it was advertised as a ‘withdrawn’ release. Given that Wire had already singed their fingers with the ill-fated ‘Outdoor Miner’ white vinyl single (excluded from its rightful chart position due to hyping allegations), perhaps this was culled at birth to avoid any similar troubles… who knows?

Wire 'Eardrum Buzz' clear vinyl 7" single and picture cover

^ Wire 'Eardrum Buzz' clear vinyl 7 inch single and picture cover

It is no different from the regular 7″ release other than the see-through nature of the vinyl, so its one for collectable vinyl junkies only, I dare say. As with the regular 7″, the A side is an edited version of the rather polished studio arrangement, found in full on the regular 12″ single and the CD/cassette versions of ‘It’s Beginning To And Back Again’.

Label B side design

^ Label B side design

The Passions ‘Love Is Essential’/’Jump For Joy’ French promo-only 7″ (Polydor 2814 357)

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

A promo-only 7″ of French origin, peeled from the third album by The Passions pairing the album track ‘Love Is Essential’ along with ‘Jump For Joy’, which had appeared early in 1982 as a single A side in the UK.

Passions 'Love Is Essential' 7" promo-only 7" single, 1982 - A side

^ Passions 'Love Is Essential' 7" promo-only 7" single, 1982 - A side

I picked it up at a record fair in Dundee in the early 1990s, I’ve no idea how common or rare these are – probably not much due to the lack of a picture sleeve and, as far as I can tell, the versions are the same as per the album mixes.

Passions 'Love Is Essential/Jump For Joy' 7" promo-only 7" single, 1982 - B side

^ Passions 'Love Is Essential/Jump For Joy' 7" promo-only 7" single, 1982 - B side

Steven Severin ‘Kidnap Garden’, UK promo-only CD (Ryko, RMCD003)

Monday, January 26th, 2009

'Kidnap Garden' front sleeve design

‘Kidnap Garden’ is a promo-only CD featuring a variety of Steven Severin’s non-Banshees songwriting examples – not only his solo material but also examples from The Glove (his 1983 collaboration with Robert Smith of The Cure) as well as Marc and the Mambas.

'Kidnap Garden' CD label design

Commissioned by his publishing company of the period, Ryko, the CD is a promo-only affair released in 2004 and not commercially available. More’s the pity, as it is a nicely packaged selection, complete with sleeve notes including track by track comments courtesy of Mr Severin himself.

'Kidnap Garden' rear CD case design

Tracklisting for the CD (all tracks solo except where noted:

1: London Voodoo
(from: ‘London Voodoo’)
2: Mouth To Mouth
(from: ‘Blue Sunshine’, The Glove)
3: Perfect Murder
(from: ‘Blue Sunshine’, The Glove)
4: The Argument
(from: ‘Circa’ by the Holy Body Tattoo dance company, soundtrack)
5: Prelude:Europa
(from: ‘Maldoror’)
6: Enter Into These Bonds
(from: ‘Visions’)
7: The Very Idea
(From the as yet unreleased album project, ‘Eros plus Massacre’)
8: The Cellar
(from: ‘London Voodoo’)
9: Initiation
(from: ‘London Voodoo’)
10: A Blues in Drag
(from: ‘Blue Sunshine’, The Glove)
11: Torment
(from: ‘Torment and Toreros’, Marc and the Mambas)
12: The Tightrope
(from: ‘Punish Me With Kisses’, single B side, The Glove)
13: Transverberation Of The Heart
(from: ‘Visions’)
14: Fiona’s Shrine
(from: ‘London Voodoo’)
15: Your World And Mine
(from: ‘London Voodoo’, Darling Hate)